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Our Mission

At Hearts and Paws, we are driven by a fundamental mission: to offer solace and assistance as you navigate the tender journey of bidding farewell to your beloved pet in the comfort of your own home. Our compassionate team of caregivers is dedicated to providing empathetic support throughout this emotional process, guiding both you and your furry companion towards peace.

Our approach to euthanasia is rooted in compassion and reverence, underscoring our commitment to facilitating a dignified and gentle transition for your cherished pet. We understand the depth of sadness and complexity that comes with such farewells, and we stand ready to offer genuine assistance as you prepare to say your final goodbye.

Knowing When It’s Time

Recognizing the opportune moment to bid farewell can indeed pose a challenge, and we acknowledge the gravity of this choice. Observing your pet for cues of diminishing vitality is crucial, with shifts in behavior, movement, and overall demeanor offering valuable insights. Our dedicated team of caregivers in Queen Creek is poised to extend expert counsel and unwavering support as you traverse this intricate landscape.

Good Days & Bad Days

No one can recognize your pet's requirements quite like you can. Maintaining a record of their highs and lows can offer invaluable understanding into their state of health. When the tough moments outweigh the pleasant ones, it could imply that it's time to explore potential avenues for enhancing your beloved companion's welfare. Your role as their caregiver grants you a unique perspective and an intimate understanding of their habits and needs, enabling you to gauge their contentment and vitality. As the scale tips towards more trying times, it may signal the necessity to investigate options aimed at improving your cherished companion's overall well-being.

Our Services

At Hearts and Paws, we provide a diverse array of custom-tailored services designed to pay tribute to your pet's legacy while meeting your family's preferences. Whether you opt for a serene home farewell, a communal remembrance through cremation, or a private ceremony with the return of ashes, we are dedicated to orchestrating this journey with compassion and dignity.

  • Euthanasia Only (for home burial or pet cementery) - $400: This option includes the mobile veterinary call fee, veterinary services fee, sedation, and home euthanasia. 
  • Group Cremation (no pet ashes returned) - $500: This option includes the same services as listed above as well as the fee for transporting your pet and the fee for a group cremation. Again, no ashes are returned if you select this option.

Private Cremation (pet ashes returned to home) - $600: This option includes the same services as the group cremation but will instead include a private cremation service for your pet, ashes saved, and ashes returned via personal delivery for certain locations or help coordinating home delivery.

Navigating the Storm

The connection shared between humans and animals runs deep, bringing enrichment to our lives in myriad ways. However, it also comes with the responsibility of making difficult end-of-life decisions. Grief is a natural response to such loss, and we are here to provide unwavering support and guidance as you navigate this journey of healing. Below, we provide resources to aid pet owners in coping with the profound loss of a beloved furry companion.

Website Articles:

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Professional Help:

  • Kevin Ringstaff – pet loss specialist, virtual meetings; Click here
  • Hospice of the Valley – pet loss support group in Arizona, virtual and in person meetings; Click here 

BetterHelp – licensed therapists, virtual and in person meetings; Click here

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